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Breaking Bad Lego Superlab Playset by

I can say this set is awesome but I'm just not sure if that word best expresses how I feel. Just look at this set, its so cute / badass at the same time. How does that even happen?!? Well I guess I could photoshop a puppy (pug) holding an axe... shit that would pretty fucking viking like huh haha. (update: I photoshopped the pug) Anyway, I want to put this set behind a glass case and just stare at it for hours. Ok maybe not hours but, I know for a fact since Im such a fuckin nerd I would love glancing over at it from time to time while I'm busy working / looking at boobs. There is no Jesse figure which bums me out... bITch! But hey, this shit doesn't exist outside of Citizen Brick's genius so I guess I'm ok with it. The detail on the barrels made me smile and seeing Gus made my butthole clench up, that mother fucker is crazy as shit AMIRITE?!!

Ashley Woods ThreeA tomorrow kings shogun

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Aliens Series 1 | Hudson, Hicks & Xenomorph by Neca

My first impression of this series 1 Aliens figure set by Neca is just, wow. The fact that you can buy these figures (9" Xenomorph Warrior, 7" Hicks & Hudson) for about $17 is just too good to pass up. Besides, if you're like me you'll just pose it once and leave on a shelf. The sculpts as far as I can tell are perfect. It's not a statue so I'm not too picky, again it's only about $17USD. The Xenomorph Warrior's tail is fully bendable and holds its pose fairly well, other than the tip of the tail which doesn't have a wire embedded. So it kinda just hangs out like when you comb your hair and that asshole patch of hair is doing its own thing. The mouth opens and also has that infamous mini mouth that slides out. Rad! Head doesn't really move so I can't have him looking back at the bitches trying to shot my ass. The knees on mine are quiet loose and because the figure is top heavy it was kind of a bitch to take these pics for you guys, fucker kept falling over like a bitch...

7in Jungle Disguise Dutch - NECA

Snapshot review from Instagram

Ever since I saw the jungle disguise Dutch concept by Neca, I knew I had to have it. It's one of those memorable moments in the movie! He wasn't going to put up with the predators crap anymore! Don't be flashin that laser beam at me bitch!!! This 7" (6-1/2" hunched over) Dutch comes with some awesome accessories too; his bow, 3 arrows, a torch, spear, bomb arrow and bomb spear. Whaaaat whaaaat badass right?!! Probably my favorite Arnold from this series. Its a must have and for 15 bucks you can't beat such a great likeness. Now if Neca can give the fans what they want and release the rest of the team! DILLION, Youuu soonofa bitch! chhh*

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Marvel Comics Hulk Classic Avengers - Kotobukiya

I just pre ordered this BAMF. Its got that classic look which will only increase in value. Its a MUST HAVE people PRE ORDER IT NOW!
Below copy was taken from the Kotobukiya facebook fan page.

DC Comics Superman For Tomorrow ARTFX Statue

Well not going to say anything other than preorder this. Just too awesome!!!

Below copy was taken from the Kotobukiya facebook fan page.

A Kotobukiya Japanese import! Following the recent releases of classic DC Comics characters in the full size ARTFX Statue scale (including Batman Black Costume and The Joker), Kotobukiya returns to the Man of Steel himself for a special presentation portraying an iconic appearance: Superman For Tomorrow! In the 2004-2005 twelve issue story arc written by Brian Azzarello, Superman faced some of his most difficult times as he investigated the worldwide Vanishing, dealt with an alternate reality Earth, and faced off against mysterious villains. “For Tomorrow” is most famous for its incredible artwork by DC superstar Jim Lee, and that is the inspiration for this all new statue.

Kotobukiya's New Man of Steel Superman Statue Masterpiece

With the movie just hitting theaters here in the US and as excited as I am to see it, this in now way is a movie review. Based on Henry Cavill's portrayal of Clark Kent, this 10 1/2-inch figure was sculpted by RESTORE (Shinya Yamaoka). I think we can all agree, the master craftsmen & artist's over at Kotobukiya hit a homerun with this masterpiece. The statue features a Kotobukiya first, a poseable cape that can be molded into any form. I'm not sure if Im happy about his posable cape. Don't get me wrong, being able to see the details of the suit from every angle is amazing! Which is probably the reason they decided to go with that material as opposed to their last solid cape for Batman sculpt . I don't know, perhaps the final product will use different materials.

Demonviper - Hot Wheels Fast and Furious Race

DemonViper is one of the nicest dudes on instagram with a real passion for hotwheels! He customizes them and is driven to have as much fun as he can with his son. If you get a chance bookmark his youtube page to see more cool stuff.

A note from DemonViper

Its been a while since I have took out the track for you guys on Youtube and what better race to do than a Fast and Furious Race. Only six lanes means two cars from the set won't make the cut. I don't have the Mustang at the present time so it cant race and I had to take the Challenger out because it just wasn't that memorable from the movies.

I hope you are enjoying my races and my custom hot wheels, I am always taking race requests, let me know what you guys want to see, we have plenty of cars that want to hit the track.

Theonecam Daily Featured photo from Instagram

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You ever watched a toy review on Youtube?

Ever notice how dull and absent of character they all are? Instantly forgettable.

What I'm trying to do with my video reviews, is re-capture a sense of fun. So, they're short, sweet and will hopefully get a giggle out of you.

NOTHING HERE IS TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. I'm not a proper collector. I don't know shit about the worth of toys. I'm just a chap who likes action figures and I don't believe toys should be taken seriously. They're built for fun and should be enjoyed on whatever level pleases you. Some of the other guys might disagree, but that's what it's all about for me.

Enjoy the leepaddymurphy style of toy reviews!


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